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EMC fitness is all about setting you up for the long term, teaching you life long sustainable habits, learning to be flexible with nutrition, to not punish yourself with workouts but train because you love it!


Getting you results in the LONG TERM!


No quick fixes, fad diets or crazy workouts but focusing on eating for fuel while being flexible, training to get strong and creating new sustainable life skills and healthy habits while getting you the result you desire.

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Have me as your own personal trainer and sports nutritionist online. As your coach, it is my goal is to get you results, through enjoying your training and living a balanced life!


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I am a passionate fitness professional, a personal trainer and online training and nutrition coach for women. 


I transformed my body through weight training and nutrition when I found fitness on Instagram a few years ago and loved the strong, athletic, feminine and curvy look of the women who trained with weights. Like them, I wanted the same so I joined my first gym and have never looked back! I fell completely in love with weight lifting and the discipline of it all. Weight lifting and bodybuilding changed my life for the better. It helped boost my confidence, self-esteem and made me feel like I was achieving something.


Since then, I have furthered my education and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer holding my Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition.

If you are after the physique of your dreams, then my goal is to inspire you in building and creating the body you want without starving yourself. I have a flexible and balanced approach to nutrition and believe food should be enjoyed, along with programs fully customised to suit you.

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