My goal as your coach is to guide you to become strong, confident and not to be afraid to step foot onto the weights floor, and not to be afraid to eat food. To educate you about nutrition and training smarter, not harder. Getting strong and creating your dream body through strength training, good nutrition and minimal cardio while still enjoying the foods you love, not restricting and living a balanced life.

I personally transformed my body through weight training and nutrition when I found fitness on Instagram a few years ago and loved the strong, athletic, feminine and curvy look of the women who trained with weights. Like them, I wanted the same so I joined my first gym and have never looked back! Weight lifting and bodybuilding changed my life for the better. It helped boost my confidence, self-esteem and made me feel like I was achieving something. Bodybuilding gave me strength and discipline I never knew I had, it gave me goals in life and something to work towards. I mended my relationship with food and how I felt about my body. I focused on being strong and eating to grow and once I started focusing on that my physique started to change. I started to create shape I could never have before.

Since then, I have furthered my education and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer holding my Certificate III and IV in Fitness. I am also a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, and have furthered my education with the Clean Health Fitness Institute completing Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1, The Art of Gen Pop Transformations, Advanced Programming Techniques and Dr. Layne Norton’s The Science of Nutrition and Training The Physique Athlete. I continue my education be reading books from industry leaders, completing courses and am studying to become a Sports Nutritionist through ISSN Sports Nutrition Australia. I believe weather you are a Coach or a Fitness Enthusiast education is key to success. 

I focus on a flexible approach and creating sustainable lifelong habits that you can adhere too. While being there as your coach to support you and help you navigate through your fitness journey. If you are after the physique of your dreams, then my goal is to inspire you in building and creating the body you want without starving yourself. I have a flexible and balanced approach to nutrition and believe food should be enjoyed.


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