One day a friend took a photo of me and I was shocked, I had only put on 5kg but it looked like a huge change. I knew I had to change my habits or it would get worse and worse. I found "clean eating" and unfortunately fell into the trap of this fake idea of "health" and became obsessed with good and bad foods. I wouldn't touch refined carbs, bad fats, chips, bread, or anything deemed bad for years, I dropped down to a tiny 49kgs, I looked unhealthy and ignored my mum and friends when they said they were worried about me. I felt weak, like I could be pushed around like a feather, or break but most of all I was unhappy as I couldn't enjoy all the delicious foods I loved.


Then I started to follow fitness girls on Instagram. I thought they looked AMAZING, strong, athletic yet still feminine, and not only that; they looked badass in the gym lifting those heavy weights. I wanted to be like them so I went out and joined my first gym and I have never looked back.


I went into the gym with little knowledge and knew a little bit from the home workouts I had been doing and what I had been watching on YouTube.


Finally, I went to the gym with the attitude of not caring what people thought because I was there to achieve a goal! I educated myself every day. I started focusing on my nutrition and macro tracking. Eating in a calorie surplus to build muscle and flexible dieting. I am now back to my original weight but this time, I am leaner and stronger than ever. I have been able to build feminine curves that I naturally do not have, I had to work for these and I earnt them, and still do!


The gym has brought so many fabulous aspects to my life. I hope to help many women across the world to build their dream bodies through bodybuilding and nutrition! I want women to know it is OK to eat! It is OK to go into the weights room! It is OK to lift heavy!


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