• $65/ Week & $100 Set Up Fee

    *must commit for minimum of 8 weeks

  • Platinum Nutrition & Training Online Coaching
  • Pre coaching questions and goal setting
  • Customised training programs periodised in four-six week training phases on the EMC Fitness app tracking your workouts, progressive overload, measurements and before and after photos.
  • Exercise video demonstrations
  • Nutrition coaching, personalised macronutrient split with flexible dieting coaching.
  • Teaching you how to navigate my fitness pal and track your food intake while learning about nutrition and flexible dieting. Your macronutrient targets will be adjusted as needed inline with your goals
  • Bi-Weekly check ins and feedback – I go through your training data, nutrition data and my fitness pal dairy to ensure you are on track and make adjustments as needed.
  • Daily steps goals
  • Weekly accountability
  • Clients only facebook support group and instagram recipe page
  • EMC Fitness Flexible Dieting Guide
  • EMC Fitness Coaching Guide
  • EMC Fitness Instagram Recipe Community
  • Support from me 7 days a week via message
  • Send me your training videos so I can review your form and give you technique tips and adjustments



Gold Coaching

  • Once we have commenced your program there are no refunds.